Let's Recap The Killer First Eight Weeks of 2017!

11 months ago
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Standing Arabesque from Elephant

Here's a sneak peak into the incredibly hard work happening at Pilates Detroit since the start of 2017. These unbelievable individuals made resolutions they are sticking with, and the results are clearly paying off. Most everyone began at Pilates Detroit with no prior pilates experience, and they have begun to master the Stott Principles and Method. 

See for yourself how fitness, wellness and rehab can come together in a safe, no frills, vibey environment. 

We promise a challenging experience, good music, the fastest 60 minutes of your day and results you won't be able to hide (or believe).

Gallery of Photos

  • Standing Arabesque from Elephant

  • Teaser with the Push Thru Bar

  • Single Thigh Stretch

  • Swan Dive with the Push Thru Bar

  • Lat Pull Down with Push Thru Bar

  • Teaser Variation on Long Box

  • Legs Pulling Straps on Long Box

  • Arms Pulling Straps on Long Box


Allison Nakisher is a licensed physical therapist and certified Stott pilates instructor. Allison has treated orthopedic patients in various settings for nearly 20 years. She is a gait and running specialist, manual therapist and an expert in exercise presription and postural analysis. Allison has been a...